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Can I access your service using an API?

Of course! You can find our API documentation at docs.hetzner.cloud.

If you used our API to develop something, we would appreciate your feedback. Please let us know about it by writing a support request using your Cloud Console account.

How are API tokens stored?

In order to access our API, you will need to generate an API token, which is a 64 byte string. The last 32 bytes of this key are secret. The first 32 bytes are a prefix which is used for identification, similar to a username. When the token is created, we will display the full version only once.

After that, your token cannot be retrieved in full again since the secret portion is only stored in a hashed format. The prefix can be retrieved again to identify the token, for example, in the list of account activities.

The prefix part itself does not enable access to the API since the secret part is needed as well.

Do you sponsor efforts to integrate Hetzner Cloud into Open Source libs?

Yes, we do! If you are developing integrations based on our API, and your product is Open Source, you may be eligible for a free one time € 50 (excl. VAT) credit on your account. Please contact us by writing a support request from your Cloud Console account, and let us know the following:

  • The type of integration you would like to develop
  • The link to the GitHub repo you will use for the project
  • Link(s) to some other Open Source work you have already done (if you have done so)

You can find a list of integrations that are already done or are being worked on here:


We'd love to hear from you! :)

Is there a command line (CLI) tool to access Hetzner Cloud?

Yes. We provide it as an Open Source project here: https://github.com/hetznercloud/cli

If you would like to contribute or extend it, please do so by opening pull requests.

Is there a library that lets me access Hetzner Cloud using my programming language?

We currently provide Open Source libraries for Go and Python.

You can find inofficial libraries for many languages at our integrations list: https://github.com/hetznercloud/awesome-hcloud

Since our API is very easy to use, you may not even need a full lib — a quick HTTPS request may be enough. Check out our API documentation at docs.hetzner.cloud.

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