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PhotoPrism turns your server into a ready-to-go photo solution with AI functionality. It uses the latest technologies to automatically tag and find images without getting in your way.

You can install PhotoPrism via the Hetzner Cloud Console or the Hetzner Cloud API.

Getting Started

Create your server as usual using the Hetzner Cloud Console. As an alternative to the operating system, you can choose an app that you would like to have pre-installed.

The collection is preinstalled on the server in the form of Docker images, but it is not activated.

To activate the collection, please login to your server:

  • By SSH key, if you provided one when you created your server.
  • By root password, which you received from us by email when you created your server, if no SSH key was provided.

This will take you through a process whereby you can then use any services from the web, with automatic Let's Encrypt support.

Hetzner Cloud API

Instead of the Hetzner Cloud Console, the Hetzner Cloud API can also be used to set up a server with PhotoPrism.

  • For example via curl command from the command line

    curl \
       -X POST \
       -H "Authorization: Bearer $API_TOKEN" \
       -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
       -d '{"name": "my-photoprism-server", "server_type": "cpx21", "image": "photoprism"}' \
  • Or via hcloud-cli

    hcloud server create --name my-photoprism-server --type cpx21 --image photoprism

Image content

Operating system

  • Ubuntu 22.04

Installed packages

This image contains Docker and all other listed applications as Docker containers.

Docker GPLv3 (Apache 2.0)
PhotoPrism AGPLv3
MariaDB GPLv2
Traefik MIT
Watchtower GPLv3 (Apache 2.0)


We use automatically generated passwords that are stored in the following folder:


For more information about the installed packages, see the official documentation:

For more information about Hetzner Cloud and Hetzner Cloud Apps, please see our official documentation:

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