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Primary IPs

Primary IPs are public IP addresses (IPv4, IPv6) for cloud servers. Cloud servers do not have a public network interface unless at least one Primary IP is assigned to them. Both resources can be managed independently. This means that it is possible to create Primary IPs without assigning them to a cloud server. And you can create cloud servers with or without assigning public IP addresses (Primary IPs) to them. As long as the power state of existing servers is "off", you can freely add, remove or replace the Primary IPs of those servers. To assign a Primary IPv6 after the initial server creation, you need to do a basic manual configuration. Every cloud server can have a total of one Primary IP per type (IPv4, IPv6).


  • We do not charge for our Primary IPv6s.
  • We charge € 0.50 / month (excl. VAT) for our Primary IPv4s.
Name Price*
IPv4 € 0.0008 / h € 0.50 / mo
IPv6 free free

*All prices excl. VAT.

Resources and attributes

The following resources and attributes are associated with this feature:


  • Up to 1 Primary IPv4 per server
  • Up to 1 Primary IPv6 per server
  • Total limit of Primary IPs: Server limit multiplied by 2
    (Example: server limit 10 *2 → max. 20 Primary IPs)
  • Up to 1 server can be assigned at a time
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