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What are the Hetzner Cloud Volumes?

It is a feature for fast (SSD based), flexible, and cost-effective networked block storage which you can attach to your Hetzner Cloud Server.

Are volumes available in all locations?

Volumes are available all locations (currently Falkenstein, Helsinki and Nuremberg).

Can I resize Volumes?

You can increase a volume up to 10 TB. The function uses a sliding bar that allows you to select the desired size in 1 GB increments. Note, however, that you can only enlarge your volume, not reduce it, and that you must manually enlarge the server's file system.

How can I mount a volume on the server?

When you attach the volume to your server using the Cloud Console, you will see the commands you can use to mount the Volume.

Attaching a volume fails. Why does this happen?

Servers which have run for quite some time may need a power off and power on cycle. This is a one time only requirement and will trigger our cloud management system to enable Volume support for this server. Please note, a soft reboot is not enough.

Automounting fails - How can I fix this problem?

You need a script on your server so you can automount Volumes. We install this script automatically with all of our standard images. However, any servers that were created before 30 November 2018 will be missing this script. To fix this problem, you can either install the script manually or create a new server. We have prepared a wiki entry with all information about the configuration and the auto-configuration package.

How does Hetzner Online store the data in volumes?

Every block of data is stored on three different physical servers (triple replication).

Is there a limit on the number of attached volumes?

You can mount up to 16 volumes on each of your Hetzner Cloud Servers. Please note that you can only attach a volume to one server at a time.

Are there size limits for volumes?

Volumes can be between 10 GB and 10 TB.

Can I also mount Hetzner Cloud Volumes on a Hetzner dedicated root server?

Unfortunately not: Volumes only work with cloud servers.

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