Own version of PEAR

Last change on 2021-07-07 • Created on 2020-01-20

How to install your own version of PEAR

If you have an account with SSH support, you can add a local PEAR repository: Manual

For other accounts, you need to download the packages you want from the PEAR website. Then put the files of your PEAR package in a subdirectory of your "public_html" folder.

Then you will need to adapt the PHP "include_path" using an .htaccess file:

php_value include_path /usr/www/users/FTP_LOGINNAME/PATH_TO_PEAR:.:/usr/local/lib/php/

Here, you need to replace the FTPLOGINNAME with the FTP login names of the account, and replace PATHTO_PEAR with the pathname of the subdirectory.

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