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konsoleH maillogs

konsoleH maillogs record all incoming or outgoing emails for your account. If available, further details such as sender, recipient, mailserver, IP address and possible errors occurred on delivery will be received for each mail.

Each maillog entry consists of a unique message ID for the email followed by all the events which have arisen up to the point of delivery or rejection of the mail.

Overview of all possible entries in the maillog

Possible types of entries in the maillog:

Arrived Arrived

A mail has been delivered to the mailserver. This can be either an external incoming email or an outgoing email e.g. from your mailclient, the mailsystem (bounces), or from a script (PHP). With external mailservers, the IP address and server name (Server HELO) also appear. If you also see a small lock appears next to the icon, this indicates an SSL-protected connection.

Rejected Rejected

The mail server has rejected an incoming mail. There can be various reasons for this e.g. due to a non-existant mailbox. A detailed error message is included in the entry.

Warning Warning

Various messages are output here e.g. about an ascertained spamscore.

Deferred Deferred

A mail could not be delivered to the mailbox by the given point in time. Delivery has been deferred. This entry appears for each delivery attempted.

Error Error

The mail could not be delivered to the specified mailbox. Delivery has been aborted and no further delivery will be attempted.

Delivered Delivered

The mail has been delivered. This could also be either an incomingmail (delivered to your mailbox) or an outgoing mail (relayed to the target server). Here too, depending on the direction, you will receive further information about the IP address of the target server. If you also see a small lock appears next to the icon, this indicates an SSL-protected connection to the target server.

Search within the maillogs

As maillogs normally contain a huge number of entries, the search can be narrowed down by using the search options. These enable you to search for either a particular email address, IP, mailserver, or a known message ID.
You can view or hide specific entries. And you can define a period of time for the search. If a search produces too many hits, less important events will be hidden automatically and you will receive notification on how to narrow your search.

Please note: Maillog data is available for up to 7 days.

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