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Which functions does Webmail include?

Webmail lets you read and write email, and includes these other functions:

  • Address Book: Use this to manage your contacts.
  • Filter: Define how emails are sorted into different IMAP folders.
  • Calendar: Set appointments in a calendar that you can choose to share with other users.
  • Tasks: Maintain an overview of your To-Dos.
  • Notes: This is a note book integrated into Webmail.
  • MailAdmin: Set up an auto reply or an email redirect on Webmail.
  • And a lot more!

I can't see some of the folders in Webmail. How can I see them again?

Click on "Folder actions" and then on "Show all folders". To permanently display specific folders, right-click on each folder and select "Show".

How can I set the default folders for sent emails or spam messages?

In the user settings for Webmail, you can adjust the "Sent mail mailbox" under "Personal information". You can change the "Trash mailbox" under "Deleting and Moving Messages". And in the settings for "Spam Reporting", you can configure the "Spam mailbox". This is "Spam" by default. The folder may only be created after the first mail has been sorted as spam.

Why are special characters not displayed correctly in my sent messages?

The message was probably composed in a different character set. You can change the character encoding for new messages in the user settings by going to "General settings" and then to "Language and time". If you do not see the option "Default character set for new messages", please first click on "Show advanced settings" in the upper right corner.

How can I set an auto reply for my email accounts?

Once you have logged in to Webmail, you can access the email administration area for your email address by going to "Account" in the menu. Click on "Autoresponder" to open the configuration. There you can enable or disable autoreply, and you can compose your own autoreply text.

Why do deleted emails appear crossed out in the mail view?

Emails which have been crossed out are marked as deleted, meaning they're in the trash folder. To completely delete these emails, go to "Further action" in the menu and select "Permanently delete".

If you would like to move emails to the trash folder directly, you can set this up by going to "Settings; Webmail; Delete and move messages; When deleting messages move these to the trash folder instead of marking them deleted?"

Why are images attached to emails shown as a red bar?

This is a default safety precaution.

When you load external images, the email's sender can verify that they have accessed your email account. And the sender can see the exact time that you retrieved the email.

Spammers use this kind of technology. For that reason, WebMail does not automatically load the images. If you trust the sender, you can click on the "Show pictures" option (above the email text) to load the images.

Why do my active filter rules not apply?

Older filter rules may still be client-side rules. They're only active if you use Webmail. If you use other mail clients, you need to also define rules in this client. In this case, you should migrate the filters to the server. You can do this by going to "Webmail; Filter; Filter migration".

Synchronization related questions

How can I synchronize my contacts and appointments?

There are three different protocols on the Webmail system for this: CalDAV/CardDAV, ActiveSync and SyncML. We recommend you use CalDAV/CardDAV if your client supports it.

Synchronization via CalDAV/CardDAV

For this, you need the "CalDAV or CardDAV subscription address" for your calendar or address book. You can find the addresses in the calendar or address book. (Click on the pen symbol next to the name.) To authenticate the synchronization, use your email address and email password.

CalDAV/CardDAV for Outlook

There is a free addon for this protocol: Outlook CalDav Synchronizer.

CalDAV/CardDAV for iOS

You can simply add your calendar using the "IPhone / IPad; Settings; Calendar; Accounts; Add Account; Other; Add CallDav Account".

  • Server: full CalDAV abonnement address
  • Username: your mail address
  • Password: your password

The contacts can be synchronized using the "IPhone / IPad; Settings; Contacts; Accounts; Add Account; Other; Add CardDav Account".

  • Server: full CalDAV abonnement address
  • Username: your mail address
  • Password: your mail password

Synchronization via ActiveSync

Important! To make sure things work properly with Active Sync, first please log in once into Webmail using the access data of the mailbox. After that, you can add the account to your Activy Sync client software.

For the ActiveSync protocol, please use the following settings for your client:

Server data

How can I synchronise the whole mailbox with Microsoft Outlook?

With versions of MS Outlook from 2013 on, you can synchronise your mailbox with ActiveSync. However, if you use ActiveSync (as compared with IMAP protocol) for the synchronisation, some functions (such as server-side IMAP flags) are not available.

Older versions of Outlook do not support ActiveSync. Instead, please use CalDAV/CardDAV as an addon.

How will I be informed of pending appointments when I use the calendar?

By default, you will be informed via email about your event 15 minutes before it occurs, and a text notification will be sent to you via Webmail (as long as you are logged in at the time).

If you would like to be notified of the appointment via SMS, you can enable SMS notification for your email account via konsoleH using. (Each SMS notification will cost you € 0.10.) For the SMS notification email:

How can I define which calendars I want to have synchronized?

Go to "Preferences for Calendar" and then to "Synchronization Preferences", where you can select your settings. If your device only supports the synchronization of a single calendar, you can deactivate the option "Support seperate calendars?". That will combine all the calendars you have selected into one calendar.

How can I add shared calendars to the synchronization?

You can add shared calendars to synchronization as described above. If one or more calendars do not appear in the selection options, this is often due to insufficient permissions. For ActiveSync synchronization, you need all permissions for the calendar. To do this, the owner of the calendar must transfer all permissions of the calendar to you or to the correct user. To do this, the owner should go to "Advanced Sharing" (in the calendar properties under "Sharing"), and they should enter all the checkmarks. Then you or the correct user should be able to choose the calendar and synchronize it.

How can I set up server-side email filters?

All web hosting packages and managed servers fully support server-side email filtering. You can easily configure server-side filters on the Webmail interface by going to "Mail; Filters". The configured server-side filters will be executed, even if you just access your web hosting account or managed server via IMAP/POP3 clients; you do not need to keep the Webmail interface open to use the filters.

You can add new filters using "New Rules". You need to adjust the following settings to fit your requirements:

  • Rule Name: The rule's display name, just for your information.
  • For an incoming message that the following rules apply to: If ANY or ALL of the rules apply, it will trigger the action.
  • Condition: Choose when the action should be performed (e.g. for specific senders, recipients [...]).
  • Do this: This action will be performed when the rule matches (e.g. copy to a particular folder, forward [...]).
  • Mark message as: Optionally mark messages as Seen, Flagged, Answered or Deleted.
  • Stop checking if this rule matches: Don't apply further filter rules if triggered. Important note: this feature may not be combined with actions that are not delivering the mail to a particular folder (e.g. "Only flag the message").
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