Disk space

Last change on 2021-07-07 • Created on 2020-01-20

Your space usage

Here you can monitor how much disk space you're currently using. The task bar shows you the amount of used disk space used. If you go past the limit, the task bar turns red.

You can also see a complete view of your directory structure, and see exactly which directories are using which space. If you have many files, it can take longer to load a complete view. While the overview is loading, you can continue to work on konsoleH. The results should be ready within a few minutes and will be buffered for approx. 10 minutes so as not to unnecessarily burden the server.

The standard main directory contains three subdirectories:

  • users: Your emails are located here.
  • public_html: Your website's files are located here.
  • www_logs: Your domains's log files are here.

Warning: If you exceed your disk space limit (quota), you may need to pay additional costs.

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