Backups / Snapshots

Last change on 2022-07-22 • Created on 2022-07-21 • ID: KO-DF4B2

How can I create backups?

A backup is performed automatically several times a day. It is currently not possible for you to manually perform a backup.

How can I restore backups?

If the backup is successfully completed, you can restore it via your account on the konsoleH web interface. If you have trouble restoring a backup, please contact our support team.

Where are the backups saved?

The backup is always made to another host machine on which the instance is not running.

Is the Storage Share still accessible while the restore is running?

No, the Storage Share is not available as long as the restore is running. (This may take up to 1-2 days depending on the backup size). As soon as the restore is finished, you will receive an email.

Will it be possible to create snapshots of the Storage Share instance, including the data on it?

A snapshot function is currently not available.

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