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What is the difference between a Storage Box and a Storage Share?

Please find more information about this here.

Can I use Storage Share with my smartphone?

Yes, there is a Nextcloud app for iOS and Android which is also compatible for Storage Share. Please find more information in Hetzner Docs: https://docs.hetzner.com/konsoleh/storage-share/configuration/desktop-mobile-client

Will the Storage Share also be offered at other locations?

Our team is carefully considering if we will be able to offer other data center locations in the future.

How can I change the colors, logos, and names of my Storage Shares?

You can change the colors, logos and names of your Storage Shares to your own design. To change the design, first you need to activate the Theming app. To do this, click on the profile image and then on Apps, and look for the app that's called Theming. Click on Activate. If you are asked for your password, then enter the password for the current user.

Once you have installed this app, you can find it by going to the profile image and then to Settings; Design. You'll see options for how you can change the Storage Share design. You can, for example, change your background color, your logo, and your background image. In addition, you can adjust small details, such as the logo for the header and the logo for the home button. You can also add a data protection policy statement and legal/contact information for your organization.

If you plan to use your own favicon, write us a short support request via konsoleH please.

What changes does Hetzner make to the Nextcloud software?

For security and compatibility reasons, we have made the following changes to Nextcloud:

  • Changing the App "Monitoring"

    For compatibility reasons we have patched the App "Monitoring". Now it works correctly with our instances and PHP 8. Because of this, some metrics were emptied by us. The empty metrics are still available in the offical Monitoring App due to compatibility reasons. You can check the source-code in our Github Repository: (https://github.com/hetzneronline/serverinfo)

  • Default blocking of user profiles routes from version 23.0.2

    Starting with Nextcloud version 23, profile pages for users have been implemented. These profile pages can normally be accessed via a public URL (https://<Storage Share Domain>/u/<username>). However, since these pages are enabled in the default configuration for every user and share user data such as name and profile picture publicly, we have decided to block the URL by default on our systems.

    Of course, we do not want to withhold the feature from you. If you would like us to enable it, please open a support request from your KonsoleH account. Note: it is currently not possible to change the standard settings for all users.

Can the feature xyz be added?

Unfortunately, we at Hetzner Online cannot add any features to Storage Share since we have not developed this software ourselves. However, you can make a feature request by going to the official Github repository: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/

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