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How do we keep your data secure with Hetzner Storage Share?

We handle the security for your Storage Share in the same way as with our Storage Boxes. The Storage Share file system can tolerate several simultaneous drive failures. As soon as we detect any irregularities with our drives, we will exchange them immediately, thereby further decreasing the chance of failure to a very low level.

In addition, our Storage Share file system checks the integrity of the data using checksums and automatically corrects errors. We've created a high-availability cluster for the instance databases, making the chances of a complete failure very minimal. Finally, if you choose to synchronize your Storage Share data with your own computer or device using client software, you will have an additional copy of your data.

How do you prevent one user from accessing another user's Storage Share data?

The individual instances are isolated from each other using a container-based solution.

Can I use server-side encryption with Storage Share?

We recommend that you not use server-side encryption. Storage Share stores the the keys and the corresponding encrypted files right next to each other on the same device. So it doesn't make your system that much safer. Plus, using server-side encryption takes up more storage and can cause errors.

But, yes, Storage Share already has this as a standard option. Before you enable server-side encryption, you need to first activate the Default encryption module in the app's menu. After you activate this module, you can tick the checkbox Enable server-side encryption under Settings; Administration; Security; Server-side encryption. Please note that encrypting data requires more storage space and may result in slower speeds. In addition, only our support team can de-activate this feature.

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