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Can domains other than nx* be used?

Yes, if you have an NX11 or higher, you can activate a subdomain on your konsoleH account.

What you need first:

  • a NX11 or higher
  • a domain where you have access to the DNS management. (You need to be able to add CNAME entries yourself.)

Note: If you use konsoleH or Hetzner's DNS Console for the DNS management for your domain, then you have access to the DNS management.


  • It's only possible to customize subdomains, not main domains. (For example, you can use You can only use a main domain with a workaround. (See here.)
  • You can't use your own SSL certificates. The interface konsoleH will automatically request and verify your SSL certificate via Let's Encrypt.


Error Error in DNS entry

The DNS entry for your subdomain is not (yet) resolving correctly. Please double check your DNS entries for this subdomain. Double check that there is a . at the end of the entries. If all the entries are correct, wait 24 hours. If, after 24 hours, your domain still does not have the status "Active", please contact our support team.

Error SSL validation error

This means that an error occurred during the process for issuing or renewing the SSL certificate. Please double check the DNS entries for your domain. If the error is still occurring 24 hours later, please contact our support team.

The subdomain is not working anymore and/or has disappeared from konsoleH

If the initial setup or renewal of the SSL certificate fails, even after several attempts over several days, it will be automatically removed from our system and from your Storage Share account. You can re-add the subdomain at any time once you have correctly reconfigured it.

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