Upload, edit and share files

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Upload files

To upload files, you can use the + button or drag and drop if it is supported by your web browser.

How can I synchronize files?

You will need the Storage Share app on your smartphone or on your desktop client so you can synchronize your data with your Storage Share. The following link will lead you to the downloads page for the various operating systems: https://nextcloud.com/install/#install-clients

Is it possible to access the data stored in Storage Share via SFTP or FTPS?

No, it is not possible to access data on your Storage Share via SFTP or FTPS.

Can I recover deleted files?

If a file has been accidentally deleted, it may be possible to find it in the Deleted Files folder. The folder is located at the bottom left. Whenever you empty the folder, please remember that all the data in this folder will be irrevocably deleted. If you need some files which were permanently deleted, you can restore the Backup provided by us.

Can I tag files? If so, how?

Yes, you can. To create tags, find the specific element you want to tag and open the details view for it. To do this, first click on the overflow menu for the item (an icon with three dots) and then on Details in the drop-down menu. Then click on "Tags" next to the size tab. You can now enter tags in the line, and confirm them by hitting the ENTER key. Please note that all users on your Storage Share server will be able to see the tags. You can now use the information field to filter tagged elements.

How can I add comments to files?

Use the details view to read and write comments on a specific file. You can access the details view via the overflow menu (an icon with three dots). Your comments will remain visible even when you share your files.

How can I share files with other users?

To share a file, click the share icon to the left of the overflow menu (an icon with three dots). Now pick who you want to share the files with, for example, an individual user or a group. You can then adjust the permissions of the user or group you have shared the file with. To do this, click on the three-dots icon. You can remove shared access at any time by going to the "Share" overview. Click on the three-points icon and then and on the trash can icon.

Can I share my data with another user on another server?

Yes, you can share data between different servers using your Federated Cloud ID. To do this, you can find the Federated Cloud ID you need by clicking on your profile picture, going to Settings and then clicking on Share. You will then see your Federated Cloud ID on the right-hand side. After this, you can open the share menu of the file you want to share, and on the line Name, Federated Cloud ID or email address.... You can then enter the entire Federated Cloud ID. An example address will have a format that looks like this: Admin@nx*.your-storageshare.de.

Can I share files with people who don't have an account?

Yes, you can. To do this, activate the Share link option right next to the file name. Click then on the + and copy the URL using the icon next to Share link.

You can also send the link directly to an email address. To do this, enter the email address in the field Name, Federated Cloud ID or email address.... You will then see the email address listed twice. Select the one with the mail icon on right. This will send an email with a link to the recipient.

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