User accounts and groups

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Is there an administration account?

Yes, you will get an administration account. You can customize your Storage Share to fit your needs, and you can activate additional apps.

How do I add a user account?

You will need the administration account to access the settings for adding new users. To add a new user, click on the profile picture on the upper right corner and select users. You will be led to a list of all existing users for your Storage Share. To create a new user, you just need to click on the top left, on New user. Then fill out the mandatory fields (username, display name, and password). Please note that each name can only be used once. In the Groups column, you can add the user to an existing group. With the Quota column, you can allocate a storage limit for a user. It is important to enter the desired storage unit (e.g. 60 GB, 1 TB, 700 MB). At the bottom left, you can find further setting options that include more user information, for example, languages, last logins, and email addresses.

What does the unlimited storage quota setting mean?

An administrator can create users and limit their storage size. So you, as an administrator, can set up storage space for your users that are, for example 5, 10, 50, or 100 GB. Or you can set up an unlimited sized space. However, this unlimited space will actually be limited by the overall storage size of the Storage Share instance that you (the admin) have bought.

How can I create groups?

If you want to create a group, click on the profile picture and then on user. In the user settings, you should see a list of all existing users. To create a new group, click on the left on 'Add group' and enter a new group name. Please note that each name can only be used once. After you have created a new group, a new column will appear in which you can designate users as administrators of a specific group.

How can I check user activities?

Click on the lightning icon at the top of the app. You will see an overview of all user activities. You can set various filters in the information field.

I have forgotten my administrator password

Please use the password reset option on the login page for Storage Share. Enter your username or your email address for your account. You will get an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If this option does not work, please contact our support team by writing a ticket via konsoleH.

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