Server transfers between Robot customers

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This article explains how Robot customers can transfer dedicated root servers to each other. Many people use the "Marktplatz" on the Hetzner Forum to communicate about transfer offers. But you can also transfer a server to another Robot customer without using the Forum (see below).

You can usually do the transfer without any help from the Support Team.

Transfer with the "Marktplatz"

To communicate with people on the Hetzner Forum, you first need an account. The Forum is a great place to chat with other Hetzner customers, some of whom have been using Hetzner products for years. Since Hetzner started in Germany, many of its long-time users are German; that's why you will see so many German speakers in the Forum. However, most users also speak good English. So you can start threads in any part of the Forum in English. The Forum is a great place to share tips and tricks, or to ask for a bit of help if you are stuck trouble-shooting an issue. You can also get the latest Hetzner news and give us direct feedback.

Create an account

  1. First, if you prefer English, change the language in the top right corner. Then, click on the grey "Register Yourself" button.
  2. Accept the disclaimer and read the Forum rules. Then pick a username and password. (Do NOT use your Hetzner customer account number for either one of these.)
  3. Fill out the form below. (We use this information mostly to confirm that you are a Hetzner customer. Other Forum users will not be able to see your personal information. Once you have an account, you can decide what information to make visible in your account settings.)
  4. Wait for us to authenticate the account. (This may take 1 business day.)

Change language (if necessary)

When you log into the Forum, you will see the dashboard. If you need to change the language on your profile to English, here is how you do it.

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right. Then you will see a pop-up window.
  • Look for "Einstellungen" and, just underneath that, click on "Allgemein".
  • That will take you to the general settings. At the top, you will see "Sprache" and the German flag next to "Deutsch". Click here to change it to English.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the yellow "Absenden" button.

Visit the "Marktplatz"

In the top left corner of the Forum, click on "Forum", then scroll down until you see the "Community" heading. Underneath that, you will see "Marktplatz". (This is just the German word for "marketplace"). Click on it. You will then see the latest threads for the "Marktplatz". Then look at the best practices and the transfer procedure.

Transfer without the "Marktplatz"

You can transfer a server to another Robot customer that you already have contact with, for example, a friend, colleague, or someone else you know. You just need to communicate with them about the price and other details.

Transfer procedure:

  • Person A = current server owner
  • Person B = future server owner

Steps for the transfer

  1. Person A and Person B communicate about the possible transfer until they reach an agreement.
  2. On Robot, Person A creates a transfer token for the correct server on their account. To do that go to (via "Servers"->choose server->"Transfer"->"Create token") and copy it. (The transfer token has a 7-day limit. So you should only create it AFTER you have found someone who wants your server. It you wait after 7 days, Robot will not approve of the transfer, and you will need to start the process again.)
  3. Using Robot, Person A sends the token to Person B.
  4. Person B goes to their account on Robot and enters the transfer token under "Servers"->"Server transfers".
  5. Person A confirms that they agree to the transfer on Robot. (Go to "Servers"->choose server->"Transfer"-> approve the transfer with "ACK".)

During the transfer, Robot will automatically delete any of the following that exist on Person A's server:

  • access for additional admins
  • telephone passwords
  • checks for system monitoring

If Person B wants to add these, they will need to do that on their own after the transfer is complete. However, rDNS entries for the server will remain in place for Person B to use if they wish.

Nothing else on the server will change. Hetzner's support team will not install any new operating systems or delete any data.

All addons, IP addresses, etc. that are connected to the server will be included in the transfer. During the transfer process, Person B will see a full list on Robot of the addons included in the transfer.

To transfer a server, Person A must have had the server for at least 31 days, and they may not transfer a server that they have cancelled.


Robot automatically generates invoices. Once an invoice has already been generated, it can't be changed. Person A pays any invoices that Robot has ALREADY created. Person B pays for any NEW invoices AFTER THE TRANSFER. The invoices for Person B will already include the VAT information for Person B.

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