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A Failover IP/subnet is an additional IP/subnet that can be switched from one server to another. It can be ordered for any Hetzner dedicated server, and switched to any other Hetzner dedicated server, regardless of location.

Switching a failover IP/subnet takes between 40 and 60 seconds, and can be done via the Robot webinterface (menu Server -> IPs tab -> click on alt text ) or via the Robot API. A failover script is also available.


  • A failover subnet can only be switched as a whole, single IPs from the subnet can not be switched individually.
  • The failover IP/subnet has to be added to the network configuration of all servers it will be used on.

Failover addresses

The following failover addresses can be ordered:

Product Usable IPs Monthly Price Comment
One failover IP with costs 1 € 4.20 Max. 6 available*
One failover subnet /29 6 € 15.13
One failover subnet /28 14 € 21.85
One failover subnet /27 30 € 35.29
One failover subnet /26 62 € 62.18
One failover subnet /25 126 € 115.97
One failover subnet /24 254 € 223.53

Prices plus VAT, if applicable.

*Each failover IP order via the Robot is for one single failover IP, so if you need more than a single failover IP please make multiple orders.


To order additional IP addresses please login to the Robot administration webinterface, select Servers from the menu on the left and then select the server you want the IPs for. The first tab (that should automatically be open) is called IPs. At the bottom of this tab page you can click on the link titled Ordering of additional IP, failover IP or subnet. You will now see an overview of the IPs you can order, along with the price for each option.

For failover subnets, please order a normal subnet and make a note in the comments section that you want it as a failover subnet and that you agree to the additional costs.

RIPE guidelines

IPs are only allocated if they conform to RIPE guidelines. This means we require a valid technical reason for why the IPs are needed.

IP allocation

IP addresses are allocated during normal office hours: Mo-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm


Single IPs and subnets can be cancelled via the Robot administration webinterface. Please select Servers from the menu on the left and then select the corresponding server. Under the tab Cancellation you can cancel the IPs and/or subnets to the next available date.

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