Robot interfaces

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You can configure Hetzner Robot manually via the browser, or automatically via the Webservice interface.

Programming languages

Modules for common script languages and programminglanguages are available for communicating with Robot.


On Hetzner Robot API docs, we provide a simple PHP script.


Stefan Tomanek created the Perl module Hetzner::Robot, which provides a object-oriented interface for the Webservice. Right now, all exported Robot operations are supported:

  • Server reset
  • Reverse DNS management
  • Rescue-System
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • VNC/Windows/Plesk installation
  • Failover-Net control

The package provides the Perl classes you can use in your own scripts, alongside the finished program, which you can use to give direct orders to Robot:

  • Server reset
  • Show/set/delete Reverse DNS entries
  • RDNS batch configuration
  • Rerouting a failover address
  • Activating the Rescue-System
  • Triggering the WOL signal


You can find an interface for Python on github.


You can also find an interface for Ruby on github.

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