Windows Server HyperV

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The following article describes how you can use additional single IPs conjunction with Hyper-V for virtual machines.

With Hyper-V. you can only do this can by using virtual MAC addresses. You can get a MAC address for each additional single IP on Robot).

Roles and Features

The required roles and features are:

  • Hyper-V and management

You can install these with the Server Manager using the Add Roles and Features.

During the installation of Hyper-V, you need to create a virtual switch with the physical network card.

W2012r2 hyper-v.png

Creating a virtual switch

NOTE: This step is only necessary if, during the installation of Hyper-V, you did not already create a vSwitch.

  • Open the Hyper-V manager and, within the manager for virtual switches, add an external virtual switch and select the option Allow sharing this network adapter with the management operating system.

W2012r3 single-vswitch.png


  • Create a new Generation 1 virtual machine.

W2012r2 hyperv-gen1.png

  • Via Settings, remove the automatically added network card.
  • Via Add Hardware, create a new legacy network card and connect it with the internal virtual switch.

W2012r2 hyperv-addnic.png

  • Under Advanced Features, statically enter the virtual MAC address, which you can get from Robot.

W2012r2 hyperv-mac.png

  • Start the virtual machine and test PXE boot.
    • If you properly configured everything, the Hetzner PXE boot menu (blue logo) should now appear.

Pxe boot.jpg

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