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This article provides answers to common questions regarding domain registration, domain transfers and DNS entries.

Domain Registration and Handles

Which domains can be administered via the Domain Registration Robot?

The registration and administration of .de/.at/.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz and .eu domains is possible via the Domain Registration Robot. DNS Entries can be created for all of the usual domain endings.

The current valid price list is available at

How does registering a new domain via Robot work?

Please see the instructions on the Robot Domain Registration tutorial page.

How long does it take to register a domain?

Once the domain has been processed via Robot a notification is usually sent within a few minutes by the registry concerned.

However, the new zone data is usually only updated one to two times each day by the Registries (DENIC updates the .de nameservers at every hour), up to which point the new domain is not accessible.

How are handles deleted?

Handles which are not being used may be deleted (Handles -> Delete Handle tab) in the Domain Registration Robot.

Can existing handles be used?

Only handles which have been created via Robot may be used. Handles from other providers are not supported.

Does the Domain Registration Robot have an interface/API?

Yes, the Domain Registration Robot has an email interface, which can be used for all DNS/domain relevant tasks. A detailed description can be found in the corresponding wiki article.

Domain Transfers

How do domain transfers (CHProv (KK) orders) work?

CHProv (KK) orders are processed via the Robot (under the menu Domains). Further information can be found in the following tutorial pages:

Instructions for transferring to Hetzner

Instructions for transferring from Hetzner

Are paper-based CHProv (KK) orders necessary for Robot?

No, a domain transfer can be processed and executed directly via Robot. By starting the domain transfer however, you confirm that you are acting in the interests of the domain owner/Admin-C for the respective domain.

How long does a domain transfer (CHProv (KK) order) normally take?

The transfer of .de/.at domains normally takes place within a few minutes provided a current authorization code (AuthCode) is used.

A current authorization code (AuthCode) is also a necessary requirement for starting .com/.net domain transfers. The original provider has up to five working days to confirm the actual transfer request.

After entering the .eu domain via the administration interface with details of the current authorization code (AuthCode), the transfer process is completed in approx. 1-2 working days.

Once a .org/.info/.biz domain transfer has been entered via the administration interface with details of the current authorization code (AuthCode), the start of transfer is performed within approx. 1-2 working days. Here too, the original provider has up to five working days to confirm the actual transfer request.

Where can I view the status of my domain transfer?

The status of the domain transfer can be viewed directly viewed via Robot (under the menu Domains -> select incoming transfers from the upper left dropdown menu -> Click on Search).

Is an internal Hetzner domain transfer possible?

If the domain is already registered with another Robot account, an internal Hetzner domain transfer may be started by clicking on Domains -> Internal Transfers.

For other internal Hetzner domain transfers, an internal transfer order is needed. Please complete the form Transfer (PDF) from the downloads area and send it to Hetzner.

For a transfer from konsoleH to Robot, please fill out the domain transfer form from the downloads area and send it to Hetzner.

DNS Entries/Nameservers

I get a nameserver error message on transfer/domain registration

If Hetzner nameservers are specified for the domain, please check to see if a corresponding DNS entry has been created in Robot. If necessary add an entry.

A domain registration/transfer should only be performed if the status for the DNS entry in the Robot is complete (a green light).

If an error message is displayed, please perform a free update for the domain via Robot (Domains -> click on the desired domain, confirm the details using the button Change Domain).

Can a Hidden Primary Entry be created?

Yes, this is possible. Create a DNS entry in Robot using the option Slave DNS Entry. More information can be found on the DNS Robot page.

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