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This tutorial describes the transfer of a domain from Hetzner to another provider using the Domain Registration Robot. Such a transfer is called a ChProv (change provider) or in German a KK order.

The basic steps are as follows:

  • Generate an Auth-Code and share it with the new provider
  • Wait for the successful transfer

The transfer of a domain from another provider to Hetzner is described in the article Domain Robot Tutorial KK.

Generate Auth-Code

.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.eu/.at Domains

The Auth-Code can be viewed directly in Robot by going to Domains -> <click on the desired domain> -> Auth-Code tab. If there is no Auth-Code displayed, please send us a support request.

The Auth-Code for an .eu domain is valid for 40 days.

.de Domains

The Auth-Code (AuthInfo1) can be generated directly in Robot by going to Domains -> <click on the desired domain> -> Auth-Code tab.

The Auth-Code is valid for 30 days.

Wait for the Successful Transfer

After the transfer the domain is removed from Robot and you will receive a notification via email.

.de/.eu/.at Domains

The provider change is performed automatically after the new provider has been given the Auth-Code.

.com/.net Domains

After the transfer to the new provider has been started, the transfer will be automatically confirmed after five days.

.org/.info/.biz Domains

Via our .org/.info/.biz registrar outgoing provider changes are automatically confirmed within five days.

Delete the DNS entries

If the Hetzner nameservers were used for the domain, and if they are no longer needed after the provider change, they can be deleted via Robot.

To avoid downtime, the deletion should be done at least 24 hours after the provider change.

Despite the domain transfer, web pages belonging to the old server continue to be shown

This is normal, as the nameservers in the Internet temporarily save cache entries for mailservers, webservers etc. until the validity period (TTL) has expired and so do not recognize the new data. Furthermore, some providers ignore the given period of validity. However, the transfer should be recognized by all nameservers between 3 and 5 days at the latest.

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