Generating an API token

Last change on 2022-08-10 • Created on 2021-12-13 • ID: CL-046E6

To generate an API token on your Cloud Console, please open your project and do the following:

  1. Go to Security on the left menu bar


  2. Go to API TOKENS on the upper menu bar

    API token menu


    generate API token

  4. Create your API token

    generate API token

    • Enter a description in the upper text box.

    • Choose a permission. You can choose between Read and Read & Write.

      If you select Read, the token will only be allowed to perform GET requests.

      If you select Read & Write, the token will be allowed to perform GET, DELETE, PUT and POST requests.

  5. Copy your API token

    copy API token

    You now have an API token. Note that it is not possible to view the token again once the window has been closed.

Please note: Your secret API token has to be included in every request you send to the API.

Example curl:

curl \
	-H "Authorization: Bearer $API_TOKEN" \