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What locations are there?

There are currently two network zones and four locations:

eu-central us-east
DE Falkenstein fsn1 US Ashburn, VA ash
DE Nuremberg nbg1
FI Helsinki hel1

Which cloud products are available?

Falkenstein Nuremberg Helsinki Ashburn, VA
Cloud Shared INTEL
Cloud Shared AMD
Cloud Dedicated INTEL
Cloud Dedicated AMD
Floating IPs
Load Balancers
Placement Groups

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are! Please note the following:


All locations within a network have to be from the same network zone as the subnet. This means that a subnet of the eu-central network zone can include instances from Falkenstein, Nuremberg and / or Helsinki. A subnet of the us-east network zone can only include targets from Ashburn, VA. All subnets within a network also have to be from the same network zone. VSwitch coupling is only possible with subnets in the eu-central network zone.

Floating IPs

Floating IPs have to be from the same network zone as the servers you assigned them to. This means that you can assign a floating IP from Falkenstein (eu-central) to a server from Falkenstein, Nuremberg or Helsinki and a floating IP from Ashburn, VA (us-east) only to a server that is also located in Ashburn, VA.

Load Balancers

Load balancers have to be from the same network zone as their targets. This means that a load balancer from Falkenstein (eu-central) can include targets from Falkenstein, Nuremberg and / or Helsinki. A load balancer from Ashburn, VA (us-east) can only include targets that are also located in Ashburn, VA. IP based targets are only possible for load balancers in the eu-central network zone.

What about billing?

Regardless of your location, we will always bill you in euros (€). However, this might change in the future. Prices are the same for all locations. Traffic between two different network zones (such as Hetzner Cloud servers in Europe and USA) will be billed just as any other normal internet traffic. We will bill you for all servers that have finished the creation process, including servers that are powered off. If you want to stop paying for a cloud product, you need to delete it. If it still exists, we will still bill you for it.

What about other Hetzner Products?

Ashburn, VA, is currently only available for cloud products (Cloud Shared AMD, Cloud Dedicated AMD, and Cloud features). This means that you cannot order dedicated root servers (Hetzner Robot account) that are located in Ashburn, VA.

What about limits?

Limits are the same for all locations. You can find information about the limits in the FAQs of each resource and on your Cloud Console under the menu item “Limits”.

Is the DDoS system the same in ASH as in the other Hetzner data centers?

Yes. If you have detailed questions about our DDoS system please write a support request, and we'll do our best to help you.

Are the servers in Hetzner-owned DCs?

Hetzner owns and operates three data center parks that are in Nuremberg, Falkenstein and Helsinki. We do not have our own data center park in Ashburn, VA. There, we are using colocation space at another data center.

Who provides customer support for the servers?

Hetzner's own team of technicians in Germany provides customer support for the Hetzner Cloud servers in both Europe and Ashburn, VA. See below "How do I contact support?" We hope to soon expand the hours for the support team, and we will make an announcement when this happens.

How do I contact support?

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. You can always open a support request on your Cloud Console account. Simply go to the menu item “Support”. You can also get support via telephone. For more information, please see Support Center.

What about data protection?

Go here if you have questions about data protection or data privacy regulations and how they affect different locations.

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