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Load Balancers

Load Balancers are used to distribute traffic across multiple target servers in order to reduce load on individual servers. This increases availability, scalability, and performance of your application. Traffic is therefore redirected by the Load Balancer to one of the servers that have been added as a target server. This distribution is based on one of the two algorithms we offer, which are namely Round Robin and Least Connections.

How the algorithms work:

  • Round Robin

    This algorithm distributes traffic in a specific order. Simply put, incoming request 1 is redirected to server 1, request 2 to server 2 and so on. In the end, the algorithm goes back to server 1 and repeats this procedure.

  • Least Connections

    This algorithm monitors traffic on the servers. Incoming requests are redirected to the server with the least traffic at the time.


The following plans are available for our Cloud Load Balancers:

Name Connections Services Targets Certs Price*
LB11 10000 5 25 10 € 0.0088 /h € 5.39 /mo
LB21 20000 15 75 25 € 0.0253 /h € 16.40 /mo
LB31 40000 30 150 50 € 0.0495 /h € 32.90 /mo

*All prices excl. VAT

Resources and attributes

The following resources and attributes are associated with this feature:


  • By default, up to 20 Load Balancers across all projects

Please note: It can be possible to increase default limits if requested.

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