Setting up an ActiveSync account in Outlook

Last change on 2021-11-23 • Created on 2020-01-20

Note for Outlook 2019:

Since Outlook version 2019, there have often been an error during the automated setup of our ActiveSync accounts. The error is "Something went wrong", without any additional error description, and the setup process stops. If this happens to you, you can try to set up the account manually. (See the description below.) For the manual setup to work, you need to have already set up an account, so that you are able to start Outlook in the normal manner (without a setup assistant).

To do the manual setup follow these steps.

In Outlook 2019, select "File" > "Account settings" > "Manage profile". This will open an older dialog about managing your account. Click on "Email accounts" to open the normal dialog for "Account settings". You can do the manual setup by going to "New..." > "Manual configuration or other server types" > "Exchange Active Sync". Select the settings you would like; they are similar to the settings for Outlook 2013. (See below.)

Settings for Outlook 2013

Since Version 2013, MS Outlook has made it possible to set up mailboxes as ActiveSync accounts. However, you will need to manually configure the account for this to work. In the default dialogue for setting up new email accounts, please choose "Manual setup or additional server types" under "Advanced Options".


In the next step, when you choose the type of service to use, please choose " or Exchange ActiveSync compatible service".


In the next step, please enter your connection and login credentials. To do this, set up a display name for the mailbox and enter your email address. When you enter the server information, please use (without https:// etc.). For the login information, enter your login data for your chosen mailbox.


Outlook will now test the server settings. If you have entered everything correctly, the following prompt should appear. Should the test fail, please check the data you entered in your server settings, like your mail address and password.


After the setup is complete, confirm by clicking on "Finish". You should now be able to find your Exchange ActiveSync account in the "Account Settings" tab.


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