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You can access your Storage Share account via a subdomain. That is why each Storage Share includes one pre-defined subdomain from Hetzner.

This subdomain ends with "". You can access it directly using your web browser.

Depending on what kind of Storage Share account you have, you may be able to add one or more subdomains.

For each subdomain that you add, our administration interface (konsoleH) will request an SSL certificate from the provider Let's Encrypt.

Adding a new subdomain

To add a new subdomain, go to your Storage Share account on konsoleH and to the menu tab New subdomain.

In the input field, enter the complete subdomain you would like, and then click on "Add".

To speed up the setup process, we recommend that you do this next part 24 hours in advance. Make a DNS entry for the subdomain. Point the new subdomain to the predefined subdomain.

Set up the DNS entry using the following guidelines:

  • Source: Name of the subdomain (including main domain) with a dot (.) at the end
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Target: Complete predefined subdomain with a dot (.) at the end

If you create the CNAME record in advance, konsoleH will immediately be able to request the SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, and your setup time will be shorter.

Using an existing subdomain

To use a subdomain that already exists, go to your Storage Share account and then to the menu tab Existing subdomains. You will then see a list of the subdomains that you have already set up and the status of each one of them.

If you click on one of the subdomains, a new menu will appear for that subdomain.

If there is a problem with one of the subdomains, you will see it in the subdomain's status. By clicking on "More information", you will then be able to see some steps you should take to fix the problem.

Predefined subdomains

To view all the predefined subdomains that Hetzner set up for your account, go to your Storage Share account and to the menu tab Predefined subdomains. (You cannot change these.) If you click on one of the subdomains, a new menu will appear.

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