10G Uplink

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We offer a 10G uplink for many of our dedicated servers. This replaces the 1G uplink. Only one uplink per server is possible. You can either directly order a new server with 10G uplink, or write a support request and have an existing server moved to an appropriate rack. For the second option, we will charge you a relocation fee of € 32.77. If the server needs to be rebuilt, the cost will increase to € 99.00. For Dell servers, the price for the move is € 70.59. In addition, you will not be able to keep your old IP addresses if you switch to a 10G uplink. The monthly fee for the 10G Uplink is € 42.90 and includes the 10G NIC.

The prices above exclude VAT.


The included traffic volume for outgoing traffic is 20TB. There is no bandwidth limitation. Overusage is billed with € 1/TB. Incoming and internal traffic is unlimited.


The Robot firewall is not available for servers with 10G Uplink.

Changes needed after the 10G Upgrade

After the support moved your server into a 10G rack you need to adjust the network configuration of your operating system. Usually two things need to be changed:

  • IP addresses
  • Interface Name

The support will boot the server into Rescue System and will send you the root password. You can use the Rescue System to adjust your network configuration. A tutorial on this can be found here. Please note that this tutorial only covers the change of the interface name/MAC address and not the change of the IPs. You can find the new IPs in Robot by clicking on the server. There you can hover over the IPv4 address to see the subnet mask and gateway.

After you have changed the interface name and IPs in your network configuration you can reboot the server and it should be reachable after a few minutes.

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