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This article will help to make clear what the cancellation periods are for Hetzner Online products on Robot. The cancellation periods for some products are shorter than what is listed in our Terms and Conditions.

Cancellations for Robot customers

If you are a customer who uses the Robot administration interface, you can use our automated process to cancel your server via your Robot account. Find the product you would like to cancel under the product categories at Main functions on the left (Select the specific server, product, or service). Under the Cancellationmenu tab, you can see the earliest possible cancellation date or select another date of your choice. Confirm the cancellation to finish the process. [You should then see a new entry under the Notices of cancellation tab.]

Dedicated root servers, Storage Boxes & IP addresses

If you would like to cancel your contract as soon as possible for your dedicated root server, Storage Boxes, or IP addresses, you can do this via your Robot account. Just follow the steps above.

With our old billing structure, it was possible to pay for certain products in advance. In those cases, you can see the earliest possible cancellation date under the Cancellation tab for the product. This date changes depending upon when you made your first payment for the product. You cannot cancel your contract before this date. For more information about the new billing model, see this article.

After that date, you can cancel your contract at any time.

We create a monthly invoice for all products for each customer. You can view the date that you will receive your next invoice by going to your Hetzner Account and to Invoices and Overview.


The contracts for our domains have a cancellation period that is 30 days to the end of the month. You can find an explanation for what 30 days to the end of the month means here.

Exception: If you have a domain that ends in .de, .com, or .net, you can cancel your domain contract at any time via your Robot account; you can also cancel them effective immediately.


The earliest possible cancellation date for license contracts is at the end of the billing month.

DNS entries

You can delete all DNS entries via the DNS Console at any time, and you can delete them effective immediately.


If you are a colocation customer, you can cancel your contract by writing us a support request via your Robot account. Note that the cancellation periods and policies are different for colocation and dedicated root servers. With colocation, you can only cancel your contract by day, not by hour.

Additional hardware

If you have ordered any additional hardware for your server, you can cancel it by writing a support request via your Robot account. The soonest possible cancellation date for additional piece of hardware is always the last day of the month. If it is 20 July, and you send a cancellation request, it will become effective on 31 July, and we will invoice you for it until 31 July. The same is true if today is July 30. The cancellation will take effect the next day.

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