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Which racks does Hetzner provide?

Rack Basic with keys

RU (rack units) 48
Rack depth 88 cm
Power supply 2x 10A
Traffic included 10 TB
Cooling via raised floors
Colorack basic key 1.jpg
Colorack basic key 2.jpg
Colorack basic key 3.jpg

Rack Basic with a code lock

RU (rack units) 42
Rack depth 77 cm
Power supply 2x 10A
Traffic included 10 TB
Cooling Cold aisle containment
Colorack basic pin 1.jpg
Colorack basic pin 2.jpg
Colorack basic pin 3.jpg

1/3 Rack

RU (rack units) 14
Rack depth 120 cm
Power supply 2x 10A
Traffic included 2 TB
Cooling Cold aisle containment
Colorack 1.jpg
Colorack 2.jpg
Colorack 3.jpg

Rack Advanced

RU (rack units) 47
Rack depth 120 cm
Power supply 4x 10A
Traffic included 10 TB
Cooling Cold aisle containment
Colorack advanced 1.jpg
Colorack advanced 2.jpg
Colorack advanced 3.jpg

Where can I get Hetzner Online colocation racks?

You will find colocation racks at the following locations:

Nuremberg and Falkenstein:

  • Rack Basic
  • 1/3 Rack
  • Rack Advanced


  • 1/3 Rack
  • Rack Advanced

What do I have to bring when I install my servers?

The rack is completely empty, so you have to bring everything you need in the rack. This includes power strips / PDUs, cables and screws.

We provide the power supply via protective contact sockets (CEE 7/3 type F).

For the uplink, we usually provide a 1G RJ45 module, unless you have decided to use another uplink.

Can I send hardware to Hetzner Online?

Yes, you can send hardware to us.

After we have received your hardware, we can store it for you for a short time, or we can install it for you.

Please open a support request via your Robot account BEFORE sending us your hardware. In the support request, you will also find our postal address.

Can Hetzner Online install my hardware?

Yes, we can offer to install / exchange hardware or do general work on your hardware in the rack.

For this, we will charge you for a Remote Hands fee. We charge the Remote Hands fee based on 15-minute periods. If you go over 15 minutes, we will charge you an additional Remote Hands fee. So, for example, if it takes us 20 minutes to do the work, we will charge you for 2 fifteen-minute increments = two Remote Hands. You can find the current price for Remote Hands here.

If you want us to ship you any hardware that you have removed or switched out, please send us suitable packaging material and a prepaid package label.

How is the rack connected to the network?

The default connection to our racks is 1 GBit/s RJ45.

If you need a different connection, you will find additional options here.

You can also open a support request on Robot or, if you are not yet a customer, use our contact form.

How do you invoice the traffic?

We calculate monthly traffic consumption only from outgoing traffic. We do not charge you for incoming and internal traffic.

If you go over the traffic limit for your rack, we will charge you for each 1 TB that you go over.

How do you invoice the electricity?

We charge for electricity in monthly periods, and our price is per kWh of power that your rack consumes. You can find the current electricity price here: Colocation offers

How much power are my servers allowed to consume?

The sockets are rated at 16A per socket. For safety reasons, you are only allowed to consume 10A per socket.

Is there equipment that I can use in the DC so I can set up my rack?

The following equipment is available in the DC:

  • Service cart with monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Ladders
  • Basic tools
  • Workbench

Note: We urge you to bring your own tools. That way, things will go more smoothly for you when you set up your rack in the DC. We only provide a limited amount of basic tools.

Is WLAN available in the DC?

Yes, WLAN is available in the DC. You should only use the WLAN for your maintenance work. Please do not use it for personal use.

Warning: Do not use the WLAN as a backup uplink for your rack.

With Rack Basic, can I choose if I would like a key or code lock?

If you order Rack Basic, and you have a preference for what kind of lock you'd like, please write a quick comment in the comment field at the end of the ordering process.

Otherwise, we will assign you a rack based on availability. So it might have a key lock or a code lock.

(We cannot guarantee that we will have racks available with the kind of lock you prefer.)

How many transponders and keys can I get?

You can get up to two transponders per account and up to two keys per rack for free.

If you need more transponders or keys, please open a support request on Robot.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please open a support request on Robot, or if you are not yet a customer, please use our contact form.

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