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Last change on 2021-12-06 • Created on 2021-12-06

In recent years, the prices for IPv4 addresses have steadily increased. And since not all of our customers need or want an IPv4 address, we have now introduced the new product for our dedicated root servers, the Primary IPv4 Addon. Now, you can decide for yourself whether you want or need the IPv4.

We are also working on a solution for IPv6 only cloud servers.

What has changed about IP addresses?

In the past, there was an IPv4 address and an IPv6 subnet included in the price of our servers. Some dedicated root servers are now available with IPv6 and an optional Primary IPv4 Addon. We have subtracted the cost of the IPv4 Addon from the original price of the server. Both products will now be separate items on our invoices. Now when you order a server, you can choose to add or remove an IPv4 address from the server. If you choose to order your server without an IPv4 Addon, you will still get an IPv6 subnet (and thus a public network) with it. After the order has been placed, it is still possible to add or remove the Addon.

What about servers that I already have?

This change also affects your existing dedicated servers; the IPv4 addresses on them will now be a separate product. The IP address for each server will be listed as a separate item called Addon on your invoice and in Robot. The price of the server is now cheaper. The price of the server plus the IPv4 Addon is the same as the old price.

What do I need to consider when I place a new order?

By default, when you configure a server, the IPv4 Addon will be added. For almost all of our products, you can remove the IPv4 Addon.

For technical reasons, our software products Windows and cPanel require an IPv4 address, so it is not possible to remove the IPv4 address from them.

Can I add the IPv4 Addon to or remove it from my existing servers?

Yes, you can. Like other Addons, you can order an IPv4 address for your existing servers. And if you no longer want or need the IPv4 Addon, you can easily cancel it.

If you order an Addon for an existing server, you will have to configure it yourself. You can use our guide.

As soon as you cancel the IPv4 Addon of your server, it will be deleted from your account, and we will stop invoicing you for it.

Which products are available without IPv4 addresses?

For technical reasons, all of our DELL and Mac Mini products require an IPv4 address, so it is not possible to remove the IPv4 address from them. You can use all other dedicated root servers without a Primary IPv4.

What about when I make orders using the Robot Web Service?

In order to allow enough time for you to make any necessary adjustments, there will be no changes on our web service for now.

The servers and the server prices will continue to include the IPv4 address. In Robot, however, they will be shown as two products and the IPv4 Addon will already be billed separately.

Early 2022, we will introduce the possibility to order IPv6 only servers on the web service too.

What limitations are there for servers that just have an IPv6?

In Robot, it is currently not possible to use the firewall without IPv4.

Additional IPv4 addresses, IPv4 subnets and Failover-IPs are technically dependent on a server having a main IPv4 and are also not available without one.

We are already planning some additional features for IPv6.

Why does my invoice look different?

This is because of our new Primary IPv4 for your dedicated root servers.

In the past, the server price automatically included an IPv4 address and an IPv6 subnet.

Now that the IPv4 address is optional and can be cancelled, the Primary IPv4 is invoiced separately from servers.

For example, you currently have a dedicated root server with an IPv4 address. In the past, your invoice showed this as one single item. But now, your invoice will list these as two: 1x Dedicated root server and 1x IPv4 Addon. The total price of these two products will be the same. In the new systems, the cost of the IPv4 Addon has been subtracted from the original price of the dedicated server.

Invoice up until now:

invoice w ipv4

Invoice now:

invoice addon ipv4

The total price of these two products remains the same.

The server no longer includes the IPv4 address. So now the invoice for this item will include the optional name of the server instead of an IPv4.

Where can I get answers to other questions?

Please log onto your Robot account and write a quick support request there. We will be happy to help.

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