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Robot is Hetzner's administration panel for dedicated root servers, colocation, Storage Boxes, and domains (via the Domain Registration Robot add-on).

Server Features

  • Set rDNS records for your IP addresses
  • View traffic statistics and set email warning limits
  • Order additional IP addresses
  • Perform automatic server resets or request manual resets
  • Activate Rescue System
  • Install operating systems
  • Perform WOL (Wake on LAN)
  • Order and manage your Storage Box Note: When you order a server from the EX/AX/PX/DX/SX lines and/or any Auction servers, you can order a server-bound BX10 Storage Box free of cost to use as backup space.
  • Configure server monitoring
  • View your server's add-ons
  • View the hardware specs of your SB server (An "SB" server is a server from the Server Auction.)
  • Set up a Robot admin login for your server
  • Set a phone password (If you contact our DC support team by phone, we will use this to verify your identity.)
  • Transfer a server to another client's account
  • Send support tickets (e.g. for a KVM Console)
  • Cancel the server or single IPs/subnets
  • View a three-month history of actions you have performed via Robot
  • Set firewall rules

Storage Box Features

Domain Registration Robot

After activating the Domain Registration Robot, you can register and manage domains. To use this service, you need to order it, but it is free of cost.

After you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation with a contract form (PDF). Sign the contract and sent it back to us. As soon as we receive a signed copy of the contrac,t we will enable the Domain Registration Robot for you.


  • Register and manage domains (currently .de, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .at, .eu)
  • Create and manage handles for owners, Admin-C, Tech-C and Zone-C
  • Carry out CHProv (KK) orders for .de, .com, .net and .at domains, (You can do this completely on your own.)
  • Generate CHProv (KK) orders for .org, .info, .biz and .eu domains (This creates a request that our staff processes manually.)


The following screenshot shows the layout of the Domain Registration Robot.

Domain Registration Overview

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