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Can I add drives or change the default drives?

Yes, that is possible. Please take a look at the following page for more information: Dedicated Server Hardware

Can I install one of the operating systems you offer with my own partition scheme and RAID level?

Yes, you can configure one of our standard images with your own partition scheme and RAID level. You can do this using our installimage, which you can start in the Rescue System.

Can I install my own operating system?

Yes, you can install your own OS, with your own ISO file, using our KVM Console remote console. Warning: We cannot guarantee the particular OS you want will work; it is not feasible for us at Hetzner to test every OS.

When you order a server, please select the "Rescue System" as the OS. Once the server is online (you will get an email from us informing you of this), you can order a KVM Console remote console. If you already have a server, then you can order a KVM Console right away.

The following page describes how to order a KVM Console and how to use it to mount an ISO file: KVM Console

How long does it take to get the server set up?

Please see our "Order processing" page.

How do I pay for the server?

Please see here. Please take a look at the rest of the Payment FAQ page for more information on payments and VAT.

Can I get additional IP addresses?

Yes, you can order additional IP addresses. Please check the following page for information on what options there are, their prices and how to order/cancel them: IP addresses.

Do you offer a backup space?

Yes, we offer a backup space. For all of our dedicated servers that cost € 39.00 per month or more, the 100GB backup space is free. This free backup space comes in the form of a Storage Box, which you can order for free on your Robot account.

For all other servers, it costs € 2.90 per month.

You can find more information on backup space on the Backup space page.

Can multiple servers be connected together in a dedicated Gbit LAN?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple dedicated servers together in a Gbit LAN. To connect servers, they have to be located in the same rack.

  1. For new servers, you should mention that you would like this at the end of the ordering process in the comments section.
  2. For existing servers that are not located in the same rack, you can request for us to move a server. Moving a server costs € 32.77 (€ 70.59 for Dell servers).
  3. For existing and new servers, we can bring the new servers online in a new rack, and you can ask us to reserve space for moving the existing servers there.

With option 2 and 3: If you decide to move a server, it will lose all its current IPs. If it had a subnet, you will need to order a new subnet via Robot.

All servers require an additional NIC. You can see the price for it in the list for additional network equipment here:

Root Server Hardware

Please send a support request to our Product Advice/Sales department via Robot. Please ask first if it is possible to move your server. (It is not possible with all server types.)

Here is another very important fact:

If you cancel a server that is already located in a your LAN, then we will assign that free rack spot to another client's server. If you want to keep that rack spot, then please get in contact with us before the cancallation date. We can then reserve that spot for you for a monthly fee of € 8.32.

What is the default connection of the server and how much traffic can I use?

All dedicated root servers have a dedicated 1Gbit uplink with unlimited traffic.

How can I access my other servers at Hetzner?

The servers can communicate with each other via their public IP addresses. Traffic is internal and is thus free.

If two servers are located in the same rack/subnet, then you'll need to add a static route to both of them so they can communicate, as we use VLANs on the switches for security. Alternatively, we can connect them together. See above: "Can multiple servers be connected together in a dedicated Gbit LAN"

Can we visit or get access to the data center?

That is not possible due to security reasons. Only colocation clients have access to our colocation data centers. And they only have access to their colocation racks.

Which nameservers (DNS) should I add to my configuration?

You can configure your own nameserver(s) or you can use the Hetzner standard nameservers.

The above prices do not include VAT.

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